Accessible and inclusive playground - multi-use spinner

Inclusive Education and Play – first products in the making

Giu 2, 2021 | Notizie

“Play” and “Inclusion” – the full realisation of these two fundamental rights for all children is at the basis of the PINC project. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Children states in fact: “Every child has the right to play”. And the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities requests States to “ensure that children with disabilities have equal access with other children to participation in play, recreation and leisure and sporting activities, including those activities in the school system.”

A detailed presentation of these rights, together with a presentation of legal frameworks and approaches to inclusive education in the PINC partner countries, are currently being prepared by partners. How does inclusion work in practice? What are the challenges, and what are impacts and benefits of inclusion for the child development and learning of all children? These topics will be described in the first project resource, the General guide for students on Inclusive processes in education. Soon the guide will be available here – stay tuned and follow also our updates on Facebook and LinkedIn!