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Sneak peek on our Training Guides on Inclusive Play

Oct 5, 2022 | News

“Play is very important in a child’s life, no one should be excluded and we must protect this right of childhood” – so the conclusion of one of the students participating at the PINC pilot training in Spain.

We have now almost completed our review of the training materials, and so our final training guides on inclusive play will soon be available – first in English, and then in all partner languages!

The training guides are addressed mainly to future teachers and sports trainers, but can also be of great value of teachers, educators and trainers already in service, or anyone who facilitates play moments for children with and without disabilities.

So, here is our sneak peek on what you will learn in our five PINC Training Guides:

  • Guide 1 explains different models of disability and why inclusion is a right; it also presents a change model for rendering education more inclusive and compares the different states of play in inclusive education in the PINC partner countries Belgium, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy and Spain;
  • Guide 2 lies a theoretical basis for inclusive play: it addresses the fundamentals of design, methodology and evaluation of play for all, starting with an awareness of social, sensory, communication and physical barriers, etc. and identifying them in the natural play environment in breaks during the school day.
  • Guide 3 is conceived as a Practical Game Guide, providing guidance on how to carry out in practice the concepts delineated in the Theoretical Guide to Play. Based on Case Studies, teachers and trainers will learn how to apply the analysis model MARE for the organisation of accessible play for all pupils/children.
  • Guide 4 goes beyond the school setting and explains how to build truly inclusive community environments. It provides first a conceptual framework and then practical advice for the improvement of the inclusive education process at three levels: in school, between schools and out of the school.
  • Guide 5 is addressed to university teachers delivering the PINC training course and contains an overview of training objectives, activities and evaluation questions for all four modules.