Accessible and inclusive playground - multi-use spinner

Testing our training course on inclusive play

Μάι 25, 2022 | Νέα

“It was very important that we learnt about inclusion through specific case studies” (feedback from a Greek student)

A milestone of our project has been concluded: we have tested our new training materials on inclusive play with our main target groups, students of Faculties of Education and Sports in March and April! Almost 100 students from PINC partner universities in Spain, Greece, Czech Republic and Italy (Belgium will be piloting in autumn) learnt about both the theoretical and the practical side of inclusion in education. IN particular, students deepened their knowledge of play, why play is fundamental to children’s development and how to make play accessible to all students on the school playground.

We are very happy, above all, that students appreciated the training – one Spanish student, for example, commented: “A very necessary training, we have not had content on inclusion, until now, in any subject of the degree.” The practical approach of our PINC training was another aspect evaluated positively by students: “What I like most was to learn how to design inclusive games effectively.”

Besides the positive comments, our students provided us with many ideas and suggestions to improve the training materials – which is great! So, the upcoming months will be busy, as we will be dedicated to incorporating adaptations and improvements in our PINC training guides.